Christophonk Song Lyrics in English

Christophonk Song Lyrics in English – 2023 Christopher Malayalam Movie Songs Lyrics

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Check out the Christophonk Song Lyrics in English, from the Malayalam movie Christopher 2023. RD Illuminations released the music video for the song.

The music of Justin Vaarghese has recently received considerable acclaim and appeal. The album “Penned and Perfumed,” which he worked on alongside Jack Styles, demonstrated his range as a producer and songwriter. “Sandy and Justin Vaarghese” by Sandy and Justin was another achievement that received positive reviews.

The song “Adittional Programming” by Anoop Nairichan was a wonderful addition to the album “Mixed by Justin Vaarghese.” One of Justin Vaarghese’s most popular compositions is “Mehram,” which can be found in the film “Hamid.” The track was mastered by Vivek Thomas, who made sure it sounded crisp and professional. The song “Recurring Engage” by Haricharan was a highlight of the album “Haricharan Seshadri – Singles.” Editing prowess was on display in the music video for “Session 20 dB and Bodhi Music Workstation” by Manzoom Mahamood. The music video for “Mixed Video Directed by Kenrayson” has a unique aesthetic thanks to Kencrayson’s directing.

Christophonk Song Lyrics

Mad man Christopher come with the fire
Mad man Christopher come with the fire
Mad man Christopher come with the fire
Mad man Christopher come with the fire

Christopher gonna burn you down
I heard em gun shots go rock bass drop
bodies on the floor nobody can’t talk
They say a mad cop found all the prisoners
Hell now got visitors sent down by Christopher

Man got a point so he like to enjoy
Not a regular predator
All your prey is destroyed
Bring down the noise
Bring all your boys
You can assemble an army
And bring all your toys

Thunder go boom boom hit ‘em w the one-two
Packing all my bullets yeah
Boom boom

Make you wanna wonder how this go
Pulled the trigger blowing out the windows
Think you’ve seen it all but this is just an intro
left hook upper cut straight through the Chin bro

Then my gun go, acting all devilish
Flow so rebellish, everything demolish
I am justice you can just reminisce
Welcome to my premises
when I shoot, I never miss

Christophonk Song Lyrics in English

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