Gone Gone Song Lyrics in English, Commitment Songs Lyrics

Gone Gone Song Lyrics From Telugu film Commitment Directed by Lakshmikanth Chenna. Meghraj Ravindra wrote Gone Gone Lyrics and the music was composed by Naresh Kumaran. These beautiful Gone Gone Song Lyrics are sung by Meghraj Ravindra.

Gone Gone Song Lyrics

Time to put my foot down,
Let始s go HAM!
Hahahaha,bam bam,

Bigger than you know
Let始s take it slow yo!

Move to the left to the right to the centre
Groove to the music like we going mental
Stronger like Andromeda,am ahead of

Don始t no need no cheddar,am fed up
Of this ,time to drift ,time to do that shiz
Yes please!!

Put your shoes on let始s be gone
I keep going,keep flowing,all the time

All is mine,I始m the queen,got the sheen
I始m that dream,
You始ve always had

But never had a chance to realise
Open your eyes,
I始m in front of you

Time up,about time you paid your dues.
Ima about to drive away the blues
Put your shoes on let始s be gone……

Gone Gone Song Lyrics Credits

Song Title
Gone Gone

Album / Movie

Meghraj Ravindra ( Megh-uh-Watt)

Lyrics Written By
Meghraj Ravindra ( Megh-uh-Watt)

Naresh Kumaran

Music label
Saregama Telugu

Lakshmikanth Chenna

Tejaswi Madiwada, Anveshi Jain, Ramya Pasupuleti, Simar Singh, Tanishq Rajan


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