Life Is A Mystery Lyrics
Life Is A Mystery Lyrics

Life Is A Mystery Lyrics in English – Alone 2023

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Check out the Life Is A Mystery Lyrics in English, from the movie Alone 2023.

New song “Life is a mystery” from the movie Alone (2023). The words were written by Mick Garry, while 4 Musics provided the music.

Life Is A Mystery Lyrics

Life is a mystery
It can take you far away
Better try to live fast
Or maybe you choose it now

All these darker nights
Or rising suns
We don’t know what to say
What tomorrows gona bring

We dont care anyway
So live your dreams tonight
Enjoy fine food and fine wine
Every time I think about my life
I end up drinking alone
Hangovers are a state of mind
It’s no more easy life

Sleepless nights are over
And I’m not going insane
Sleepless nights are over
Everything is gonna be the same

Hey hey don’t wanna look back
Ahahahaa.. Ahahahaa
Hey hey we gotta move on
Ahahahaa.. Ahahahaa
This is my real life
You come along and you see it now
Believe in your dreams

Life Is A Mystery Lyrics

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